An Alternative To Conventional Concrete Countertops And Concrete Benchtops

An Alternative To Conventional Concrete Countertops And Concrete Benchtops

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A Concrete Countertop or Concrete Benchtop Made with Elite Crete Systems Polymer Modified Bag Mixes

Concrete countertops that are built either with conventional concrete or with GFRC can often be a logistical headache and literal backache. It is often not a reality to have a concrete countertop built offsite and delivered and installed at the customers residents. If this is the case, we will often see the countertops fabricated on site if the environment is applicable. However, there are still some instances and conditions when a concrete benchtop is not an economical reality.

One solution to the cumbersome task of transporting and fitting in place these countertops is to coat an existing surface to resemble the finish and artistic stylings of concrete countertops. Another nonconventional method that has recently gained some momentum is employing Elite Crete Systems polymer modified bag mixes along with their durable, hard wearing sealers.

A recent example of the aforementioned method was created with Elite Crete Systems TEXTURE-PAVE™ polymer modified overlay system and E100-PT1™ Fast Set Epoxy.

The following is the skinny on how project was accomplished;

On a MDF board a modified mix design of Elite Crete Systems TEXTURE-PAVE™, pea gravel and glass fibre was poured in place at 6.5mm thickness. This particular mix design was integrally coloured with Palomino PORTION CONTROL COLORANT™. After the mix had set and the form liner was removed from the edges, a high gloss protective coating of E100-PT1™ Fast Set Epoxy with a minimal highlight colouring of REFLECTOR Enhancer™ finished the job.

The end result is a countertop that is considerably less expensive and in general much lighter than conventional concrete countertops but without compromising the finished aesthetic appeal of the countertop. The material expenses on this particular job are minimal, the cost are primarily in the time to complete the project and the artistic value.

If you would like to see many other examples of concrete countertops and concrete benchtops that were made using Elite Crete Systems products, please send us an email or call an Elite Crete Australia sales representative.


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