E100-UL7™ Underlayment Epoxy

E100-UL7™ Underlayment Epoxy

epoxy paint

E100-UL7™ Underlayment Epoxy from Elite Crete Systems is a 100% true solid (100% resin content without any of the industry standard solids filler), two component, uncoloured, non solvent, non shrinking, VOC free, self levelling underlayment epoxy floor coating.

E100-UL7™ was engineered and designed to be used as an underlayment epoxy, scratch coat or epoxy primer coat for higher wearing and more durable coatings, such as: E100-PT1™, E100-PT4™, E100-UV1™, E100-NV4™, E100-NV5™, AUS-HD™, AUS-V™ and other superior protective coatings from Elite Crete Systems. E100-UL7™ is an economical epoxy paint system that is most commonly used as an epoxy primer coat on epoxy quartz and epoxy flake floor systems and as a binder for epoxy mortar, epoxy coving systems and as a crack repairing adhesive. E100-UL7™ is often used for industrial floors that are then coated with a high wearing, protective urethane for a durable, yet affordable seamless industrial flooring system. E100-UL7™ can be coloured on site with an optional third component Elite Crete Systems epoxy pigment.

Although E100-UL7™ comes as a clear, it will not exhibit the same crystal clear clarity or gloss reading of E100-PT1™ or E100-UV1™.

Elite Crete Systems does not recommend E100-UL7™ as a wearable protective coating, however it is recommended that E100-UL7™ be top coated with E100-PT1™, E100-PT4™, E100-UV1™, E100-NV4™, E100-NV5™ or any one of Elite Crete Systems high wear polyurethanes.

E100-UL7™ epoxy paint can be coloured on site with an optional third component Elite Crete Systems epoxy pigment.

As with all concrete coatings, E100-UL7™ coverage rates are subject to the method of application, the porosity and profile of the surface and the desired thickness of the coating. Typically E100-UL7™ is applied at 2.5 to 3.5 square meters per litre, leaving a dry film thickness between 400 to 285 microns. E100-UL7™ can be applied by a high quality, lint free mohair or lambswool roller cover, notched squeegee or a Padco Applicator.

E100-UL7™ epoxy paint has a viscosity of 700 cps when both the Part A Resin and Part B Hardener have been combined and mixed thoroughly together.

E100-UL7™ curing schedule under the atmospheric conditions of 24° C with a relative humidity of 50% is:

  • Tack free in 8 hours time.
  • Light foot traffic in 12 hours time.
  • Heavy traffic in 16 hours time.

After 7 days and under the standard atmospheric conditions of 24° C with a relative humidity of 50%, E100-UL7™ will have 83 MPa Compressive Strength and a concrete bonding strength of 24 MPa.

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