Low Maintenance Garage Flooring & Garage Floor Coatings

Low Maintenance Garage Flooring & Garage Floor Coatings

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Elite Crete Australia has all the options when it comes to garage floors and garage floor coatings. Depending on the specific requirements, we can provide you with a superior, chemical resistant garage floor that can withstand brake fluids, battery acid, petrol, motor oil, antifreeze, hot tyre pickup and just about any other containment you can think of throwing at it.

Not only are our garage flooring systems tough and durable, they can also be completely customized. Checkerboard patterns to flake floor finishes, the options are endless. High gloss to matte finish, you decide.

Perhaps the most popular garage floor look is the flake floor. The look of terrazzo can be achieved at a fraction of the cost with Elite Crete Australia’s flake floor system. Flake floors provide a durable, slip resistant garage floor solution that is extremely economical and maintenance free.

Don’t be fooled by the do it yourself low grade hardware store epoxy systems. A garage floor installed without professional surface preparation will have a short life span and can likely fail in a short amount of time in a harsh garage environment. A professionally installed garage floor system can last a life time when the highest grade materials are used.

Elite Crete Australia offers a variety of 100% solids epoxy for garage floor coatings. We also have aliphatic urethanes and polyaspartics for the toughest of conditions.

Typically a garage floor installation takes two days, however single day applications exist and can be opened to traffic the very next day.


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