E100-PT1™ Crystal Clear Epoxy Standard & Fast Set

E100-PT1™ Crystal Clear Epoxy Standard & Fast Set

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Elite Crete Systems E100-PT1™ Crystal Clear Epoxy Standard and Fast Set have zero solvents, zero VOC’s, are a true 100% solid resin, 100% self levelling, two component, non shrinking, air releasing, high gloss, low odour, industrial strength resinous floor coating.

When we say true 100% solid epoxy resin we are making reference to the majority of epoxies that are marketed as a 100% solid epoxy but are in fact loaded with fillers – albeit solid fillers, so that they can accurately claim to be a 100% solid product but dramatically cut their cost and increase their profit margins. E100-PT1™ has no fillers and the result is a extremely hard wearing, crystal clear, self levelling, true resin based epoxy formula.

E100-PT1™ from Elite Crete Systems is commonly used as a protective coating for industrial floors, warehouses, garages, residential concrete floors, epoxy quartz systems, grind and seal applications, used as a binder for epoxy mortar systems, concrete floors that have been stained or dyed with HYDRA-STONE™ Dye Stain, CHEM-STONE™ Reactive Stain and ULTRA-STONE™ Antique Stain and multitude other concrete flooring applications.

Both E100-PT1™ Standard and Fast Set demonstrates exceptional air releasing capabilities as well as being a user friendly, 100% self levelling epoxy resin floor coating. E100-PT1™ can be applied by a roller, squeegee, trowel, notched trowel or Padco applicator.

The coverage rate of E100-PT1™ as an epoxy resin floor coating is determined by the porosity and profile of the surface to be coated as well as the desired film thickness and method of application. In general , base coats, primer coats or scratch coats if applied on smooth conventional concrete will cover between 2.5 to 3.5 square meters per litre which is between 400 to 285 microns. If applied on a thin stamped overlay, slate trowel down or knockdown finish will cover up to 2.5 square meters per litre.

With the two components mixed, E100-PT1™ has a viscosity of 300 cps, which is considerably less than that of E100-UV1™, making it in general a better suited epoxy resin for larger industrial and commercial sites.

The curing schedule for E100-PT1™ Standard at an ambient temperature of 24° C and relative humidity of 50% is as follows:

  • Tack free in 5 to 7 hours time
  • Light foot traffic in 7 to 9 hours time
  • Heavy traffic in 9 to 12 hours time

The curing schedule for E100-PT1™ Fast Set at an ambient temperature of 24° C and relative humidity of 50% is as follows:

  • Tack free in 3 to 4 hours time
  • Light foot traffic in 4 to 6 hours time
  • Heavy traffic in 6 to 8 hours time

After a 7 day ambient cure (24° C with a relative humidity of 50%), E100-PT1™ has a compressive strength of 83 MPa, tensile strength of 42 MPa, flexural strength of 52 MPa and a Shore D hardness of 89.

Elite Crete Systems has a number of aliphatic and aromatic polyurethanes that can be used on top of E100-PT1™ epoxy resin floor coatings for added chemical and abrasion resistance.

For specification assistance for protective epoxy floor coatings please contact a sales or technical representative at Elite Crete Australia.


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