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Exclusive supplier of the most extensive decorative concrete products & concrete systems.

Elite Crete AustraliaElite Crete Australia is the exclusive supplier for the industry leading decorative concrete products, concrete systems and seamless industrial flooring manufacturer. Our goal is to provide a complete flooring package of the highest possible quality at an affordable price. Not only do we provide the most technologically advanced coatings and systems in the world, we also offer an exceptional level of customer support and technical assistance.

Whether you are seeking advice on 30 m2 driveway or specifying a 5000 m2 hospital, we can consult with you and help you plan and build a complete flooring package that will exceed all of your criteria.

Elite Crete Australia has a vast worldwide network with almost three decades of manufacturing and private labelling for the decorative concrete products and concrete coatings industry. This deep reservoir of expertise and accumulation of experience places at our hands the resources and solutions for us to help you meet your project and design requirements.

Elite Crete Australia
34 Moreland St,
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The Industry Leading Manufacturer of Products and Systems for; Decorative Concrete Overlays, Stamped Concrete, Concrete Colouring, Concrete Repair, Industrial Epoxy Systems and Flooring Solutions.