Elite Crete Systems AUS-HD™

Elite Crete Systems AUS-HD™

chemical resistant coating

Heavy Duty Single Component Moisture Cure Urethane

Elite Crete Systems AUS-HD™ Heavy Duty Single Component Chemical Resistant Urethane Sealer is an economical, clear, single component, solvent borne, moisture cure, aromatic polyurethane that is available in a high gloss or satin finish.

AUS-HD™ chemical resistant urethane was designed to be used on conventional concrete, concrete micro toppings, as a protective top coat to epoxy flooring, flake and quartz floor top coating and a number of other decorative concrete protective coating applications. AUS-HD™ is not just limited to use with concrete but can also be used as a sealer for soft or hardwood timber floors, bowling alleys, etc.

AUS-HD™ is a chemical resistant coating that has excellent scratch resistance and is unaffected by many common solvents, skydrol fluids and jet fuels, making it a suitable protective sealer for airplane hanger floors, industrial workshops, parking garages and many other commercial and industrial flooring applications.

The coverage rate for AUS-HD™ varies and is dependant upon the porosity and profile of the substrate as well as the method of application and the desired dry film thickness. For smoother, glossier finishes it is recommend that AUS-HD™ be applied with a woven mohair roller or with a lint free mohair roller that has been designed for polyurethanes and applied with a light pressure with a coverage of 5 to 6 square meters per litre.

Atmospheric conditions should be between 15°C and 32°C with a relative humidity of at least 30%. It is important to be aware that the higher the relative humidity at the time of installation and curing of AUS-HD™, the more accelerated the curing schedule of the coating will be. AUS-HD™ is a rapid curing coating in comparison to many other polyurethanes. Surface Dry time is between 25 to 45 minutes, with a Hard Dry of 3 to 6 hours dependant on humidity, temperature and the thickness of the coating. The recoating window for AUS-HD™ is between 3 to 6 hours – if recoating outside of this time frame it is recommended that the coating be sanded and then wiped with a solvent.

It is important to note that AUS-HD™ is chemical resistant aromatic polyurethane and is not a UV stable protective coating and should not be used if UV degradation is of concern. If UV degradation is of concern, Elite Crete Systems two component AUS-V™ Aliphatic Urethane Sealer is an ideal substate.

Elite Crete Systems AUS-HD™ is a solvent borne coating and should only be used in heavily ventilated environments free of any source of ignition. If solvent fumes or VOC (volatile organic compound) restrictions prevent the use of AUS-HD™, AUS-V™ is a suitable substitute with very low odour and with only 25 grams of VOC’s per litre.

Elite Crete Systems products have been engineered and developed to be used by trained and professional applicators only.


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