Elite Crete Systems Epoxy Flooring Options

Elite Crete Systems Epoxy Flooring Options

Epoxy Floors

Durable and Seamless Decorative Epoxy Flooring Systems

Epoxy floor coatings are not only hygienic and durable but are also a widely customisable decorative seamless flooring solution. Until recently, many people thought of it as an industrial floor finish. With recent technological advancements, this is no longer the case.

Casinos, hotels, hospitals, schools, garage floors, government buildings, etc. have all utilized these durable and low maintenance seamless epoxy applications for decades and we are now seeing these decorative floor finishes being commonly used in the residential flooring market.

Epoxies are well known for their excellent chemical resistance. Medical centres, kitchen floors, veterinary clinics, laboratories, etc. all favour these resins as they will not harbour bacteria and can withstand spills from oils, acidic solutions, detergents and other surface contaminants.

Epoxy adheres tenaciously to concrete floors and many other surfaces. These incredible bonding properties also allow for epoxy to be easily top coated with urethanes and polyaspartics which will further improve abrasion and scratch resistance.

Elite Crete Australia carries an extensive line of epoxies which cover every sphere of the decorative concrete and industrial floor industries:

  • E100-PT1™ Crystal Clear Epoxy: A brilliantly clear 100% solids (no fillers) self levelling epoxy that is VOC free. A fast setting version is also available, reducing the cure time in half.
  • E100-UV1™ Clear Epoxy Coating: A clear 100% solids (no fillers) self levelling, VOC free epoxy that has a slightly thicker viscosity than our PT1™ epoxy.
  • E100-PT3™ Waterborne Clear Epoxy: A clear, economical, non-blushing waterborne epoxy that is designed to be used when a high build epoxy is not warranted.
  • E100-PT4™ Pigmented Epoxy: A pigmented 100% solids, VOC free epoxy. Available in 12 standard colours. Custom colours are available upon request.
  • E100-NV4™ Novolac Epoxy: 100% solid, Chemical resistant novolac epoxy coating. Engineered for immersion of chemical agents.
  • E100-NV5™ Novolac Epoxy: Elite Crete Systems highest grade of Novolac Epoxy. To be used as a protective coating from harsh chemical spills and splashes.
  • E100-UL7™ Underlayment Epoxy: 100% true solid underlayment epoxy that is ideal for flake broadcast floors or as an epoxy primer coating.
  • E100-VB5™ Epoxy Vapour Barrier: A 100% VOC free epoxy primer that is used where hydrostatic pressure or vapour emissions are a concern.

With the use of Elite Crete Systems REFLECTOR™ Enhancer, HYDRA-STONE™ Dye Stain, CHEM-STONE™ Reactive Stain, ULTRA-STONE™ Antiquing Stain and concrete overlay systems, the design possibilities are limitless.

Although many so called “manufacturers” make claim to having their own line of epoxies,very few actually manufacture their own products and in fact are nothing more than resellers who are having product private labelled. Elite Crete Systems have their own in house epoxy chemist.Our chemists have taken the raw materials and worked them to coincide with our complete product line. We can specifically tell you how our products will react when used as a complete system. We provide exceptional technical support and customer service.


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