Polyaspartic Coatings For One Day Floor Installations

Polyaspartic Coatings For One Day Floor Installations

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Elite Crete Australia carries SPARTIC-ALL™ RM and SPARTIC-ALL™ SL, a high solids, low VOC, crystal clear polyaspartic polyurea coating system.

The rapid cure times of polyaspartic ester coatings allows for floors to be returned to service and opened to traffic in less than a day. SPARTIC-ALL™ is a UV stable coating, meaning that it will not yellow with exposure to sunlight and will also aid in protecting the underlying concrete colour from ultra violet degradation. The fantastic abrasion resistance from SPARTIC-ALL™ allows it to retain its high gloss finish even under heavy traffic conditions. Stain resistance is one of the major advantages of a polyaspartic floor coating, as well as resisting harsh chemicals, petrochemicals, acidic solutions and virtually any possible stain imaginable. This remarkable stain resistance makes these decorative concrete coatings ideal in kitchens, garages, industrial floors, medical clinics, etc.

Unlike epoxies, SPARTIC-ALL™ cures by the cross linking of the polyamines with aliphatic polyisocyanates, not by temperature or humidity. Because of the these properties, SPARTIC-ALL™ can be installed in nearly any temperature or environment.

SPARTIC-ALL™ is commonly used on flake and quartz floors but can also be coloured with REFLECTOR™ Enhancer to create visually appealing, yet extraordinarily durable, resilient floors that can be opened to service in hours.


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