E100-VB5™ Concrete Epoxy Vapour Barrier

E100-VB5™ Concrete Epoxy Vapour Barrier

rising damp

Stop Rising Damp & Vapour Emissions

If hydrostatic water pressure or rising damp is present or a possibility in the future you will most certainly want to consider installing a vapour barrier. Elite Crete Australia stocks E100-VB5™ Epoxy Vapour Barrier which is a two component, moisture insensitive, waterborne epoxy vapour barrier.

E100-VB5™ is a protective measure for epoxy flooring, concrete floors and surfaces, polymer modified concrete overlays, urethanes, paints and also as a primer coat before the installation of timber flooring, tiles, floating floors, carpet, etc. If moisture vapour transmission or rising damp is present these flooring systems are at risk of delamination as well as harbouring bacterias, mould, mildew and causing air borne health hazards.

The Royal Australian Institute of Architects as well as the Asthma Foundation have recognized the health risk associated with rising damp. Rising damp is not only a health concern but also, can cause structural damage if left untreated. Why take these risks when for only a minimal cost per square meter you can install E100-VB5™ epoxy vapour barrier?

E100-VB5™ has virtually no odour or VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) and can be used internally with adequate ventilation without causing hazardous working conditions. When applied to a cleaned and dried substrate that has been removed of any bond breakers or films, E100-VB5™ will penetrate the capillaries of the concrete and fill the channels within the surface, creating a barrier that will stop rising damp and also radon gases emitting through the surface.

To be sure you are not susceptible to rising damp, you will need to take a relative humidity test with either a calcium chloride test kit (ASTM F 1869) or with a probing moisture meter (ASTM F 2170). A probing moisture meter is the more accurate method of calculating these conditions and should always be carried out prior to installing any floor coverings, be it a none breathable coating such as an epoxy floor or a breathable floor covering like carpet.

If you require further information on E100-VB5™ or any other product or system supplied and manufactured by Elite Crete Systems please do not hesitate to contact an Elite Crete Australia sales representative.