MERCAP-445™ Concrete Crack Repair & Concrete Injection Epoxy

MERCAP-445™ Concrete Crack Repair & Concrete Injection Epoxy

MERCAP-445™ Concrete Crack Repair

Elite Crete Systems MERCAP-445™ is a clear/amber, low viscosity, moisture insensitive, 100% solids, very high early strength speciality epoxy that is intended to be used to repair existing cracks in concrete, as an anchor bolt adhesive on horizontal applications and also as a general purpose, all weather epoxy bonding agent that can be used on both damp and dry concrete surfaces.

Notable properties and features of MERCAP-445™ include but are not limited to:

  • Gravity feed concrete crack filling and repair on horizontal and vertical finishes as while as masonry, wood, steel and other surfaces
  • With both components “A” and “B” mixed thoroughly together, MERCAP-445™ has a viscosity of 375 cps allowing for deep penetration of concrete surfaces
  • Bonds to both dry and damp concrete surfaces
  • Can be used as an epoxy mortar system when used with cleaned and dried silica sand
  • As an adhesive for dissimilar materials
  • As a structural anchor bolt adhesive on horizontal surfaces
  • Bond strength of 4 MPa in just 7 hours and a bond strength of 14.5 MPa in 7 days time
  • Compressive strength of 93 MPa (ASTM D-695)


Typical coverage rates of MERCAP-445™ are:

Width Of Crack X Depth Linear Meters Per litre

  • 3.175 mm x 2.54 cm                                        12.42 meters
  • 6.35 mm x 2.54 cm                                           6.21 meters
  • 12.70 mm x 2.54 cm                                         3.10 meters
  • 19.05 mm x 2.54 cm                                         2.07 meters
  • 25.40 mm x 2.54 cm                                         1.56 meters

Application Method:

Prior to application of MERCAP-445™ the surface must be clean and sound. If treating concrete cracks, cracks must be “V” notched in order to create a receptacle to control MERCAP-445™.  Apply MERCAP-445™ into “V” notched receptacle and reapply as needed. After crack has been filled, apply cleaned and dried silica sand. Allow MERCAP-445™ to cure before mechanical grinding or applying a concrete overlay.


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