THIN-FINISH™ Premixed Polymer Modified Concrete Overlay

THIN-FINISH™ Premixed Polymer Modified Concrete Overlay

Thin Finish™ Concrete Overlay

Elite Crete Systems THIN-FINISH™ is the backbone to all of Elite Crete Systems overlay products and is perhaps the most widely used polymer modified overlay system in the world today. No other overlay on the market has been able to match the performance, durability or ease of use of THIN-FINISH™ and yet maintain an economical solution.

THIN-FINISH™ is a hybrid proprietary formula that can make the claim to being the only polymer modified overlay that both chemically and mechanically adheres to concrete substrate.

When comparing quality concrete  resurfacing products by square meter cost, you can’t look past THIN-FINISH™, and when you add ease of use along with durability into the equation, nothing comes close. Many manufactures and salesman like to talk about the cost of a bag for their overlay system, what they forget to mention is that a modifier, primmer and activator are necessary for their product to perform. Here is where many contractors are mislead in believing that they are saving themselves money. What they fail to do and what the salesman of these products fails to mention is the cost of the final finish per square meter. Sure a bag of silica sand is cheap but when you have to add all of the components together and then in the case of some overlay systems add a penetrating surface primer you will find that the true cost per square meter is much higher than you may have been led to believe.

With Elite Crete Systems THIN-FINISH™ each mix is identical as the exact mix design is all already in the bag. With 10 different sized rounded silica quartz and the exact quartz to polymer ratio all already blended in the bag, little room for error is left and the time to mix components on site is reduced.

THIN-FINISH™ is designed to be installed on a damp concrete surface, this alone makes it a unique product but also a valuable system in the wetter periods of the year.

Of course speaking of cost per square meter is important but also of importance is the ease of use and the considerably less time it takes to install THIN-FINISH™. The preferred application method of THIN-FINISH™ is with a magic trowel installed on a telescopic pole, saving the applicator from working on their hands and knees. By applying THIN-FINISH™ in this method, it is possible to coat a 100 square meters in under 30 minutes.

THIN-FINISH™ can be integrally coloured with SYNTHETIC PRIMARY PIGMENT™ (SYPP) or PORTION CONTROL COLORANT™ (PCC). Other methods of colouring THIN-FINISH™ are with ULTRA-STONE™, HYDRA-STONE™ and CHEM-STONE™.

The versatility of THIN-FINISH™ is evident in its numerous applications. The final product can be a simple spray on concrete finish, knock down, broom finish, trowel on texture, hit and miss, hard troweled finish, etc. THIN-FINISH™ is also used as the base coat to TEXTURE-PAVE™, a stampable concrete overlay and MICRO-FINISH™, a super smooth concrete micro topping.

Sealing THIN-FINISH™ can be achieved with any of the E100 series epoxies, SPARTIC-ALL™ RM and SL, CSS EMULSION™, WCS EMULSION™ or any one of Elite Crete Systems aliphatic urethane sealers.

For technical assistance in specifying concrete flooring or concrete resurfacing products and systems please do not hesitate to get in touch with an Elite Crete Australia technical support representative. Or alternatively, if you would like to have a trained and approved Elite Crete Systems installer visit you on site for a quotation contact an Elite Crete Australia sales representative.

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