The Elite Crete Systems Difference

The Elite Crete Systems Difference

concrete repairAlmost 50 years ago, paint manufacturers and concrete restoration tradesmen began to experiment with paint resins (during this time they were either a vinyl based resin or an acrylic based resin) which they merged with cement to create some of the first concrete repairing and concrete overlay restoration systems. Soon came the addition of colouring and texturing these basic systems to improve the aesthetic qualities. Techniques such as broom finishes and hand troweled textures which were followed then by spray on textures that were achieved with hopper guns became the trend. After this, thin stamped overlays on existing concrete became the latest trend in concrete resurfacing.

As the industry and its demand grew, more and more manufacturers began to take these simple, early formulas and attempt to market or even slightly improve with their own mixtures and systems. Due to the lack of research and development of these systems, the industries reputation began to decline among architects, homeowners, specifiers and concrete tradesmen alike because of the insufficiency of longterm durability with these poor performing concrete resurfacing systems and also their vulnerability to adverse weather, incompatibility with other materials, humidity, dampness, UV exposure, etc. These common problems, which many non progressive companies still face today, is the mark of an inadequately developed product with poor chemical composition attributes.

The Birth Of the Worlds Most Advanced Concrete Restoration and Concrete Resurfacing Product Line

Elite Crete Systems began as a basic product line for decorative concrete resurfacing that was marketed and blended by Advan-Tech. The primary business of Advan-Tech was to manufacture, blend and private label products for numerous decorative concrete and concrete coatings businesses and labels. With a strong foundation and knowledge specializing in polymer modified cement formulations as well as epoxy and paint related products, Advan-Tech was able to offer replacement products that were greatly improved over the current formulas that these privately labelled companies had to offer. As these products became in higher demand, it became obvious that rather than private labelling for multiple companies, they would be better served by developing products and systems under the one label and with this Elite Crete Systems became its own entity.

What set Elite Crete Systems apart from anyone else in the industry then and now is its hybrid polymer technology with unprecedented performance characteristics, versatility and ease of use. At the time Elite Crete Systems released their concrete resurfacing systems, the industry standard was to use either a vinyl resin modifier or an acrylic resin modifier. Realizing the strengths and weakness of these systems, Elite Crete created a hybrid concrete resurfacing system that had durability, versatility, chemical and water resistance as well as aesthetic appeal.

Many years have passed and millions of square meters have been repaired and resurfaced since the formulation of Elite Crete’s overlay systems, yet these systems have remained the same and have not been modified since they were first released. Unlike so many companies that have come and gone, relabelled, rebranded or have attempted to modify archaic systems without ever whispering a word to their contractors, Elite Crete Systems concrete resurfacing products are no different from the day they were first released and have since become the time tested and proven leader in concrete resurfacing.