Designer Epoxy Commercial Floor Engineered To Withstand A Zamboni

Designer Epoxy Commercial Floor Engineered To Withstand A Zamboni

Epoxy Colour

Skating on thin ice? Nope, just walking on another Elite Crete Systems industrial strength, designer epoxy, commercial floor.

Hot shot decorative concrete installer, Tyson Long recently created a scale model hockey rink for the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame in Calgary, Alberta.

Long started with a concrete slab that had been specified to be poured 5 cm’s lower then the rest of the floor. After this, Long placed a layer of plywood which was covered in roofing paper and metal mesh lath to strengthen the substrate prior to adding a few coatings of THIN-FINISH™, polymer modified concrete overlay. The faux ice was created in three coats with E100-PT4™ pigmented epoxy followed by two clear coats of E100-UV1™ high viscosity epoxy.  Inside the epoxy coats, Long placed vinyl tape to create the lines in the rink and have a totally smooth and seamless floor finish.  Perhaps the coolest inclusion to this project was the addition of a recent tradition of placing, or embedded in this case, a Loonie (Canadian dollar coin) at “centre ice” inside the epoxy coatings.

Long and a crew of 2 others, were able to create this designer commercial floor in under a week. The biggest obstacle that they faced was working around the museum displays and other tradesman on site at the time of installation.